An otter(lutra lutra) killed in a road

νεκρή βίδρα An otter(lutra lutra) killed in a road accident was found this morning near the High School Building complex in Kastoria. ARCTUROS’ Emergency Response Team along with members from Kastoria’s Society for the Protection of Environment arrived quickly at the place but the animal was already dead. DNA sample was collected and with help from the employees of the Municipality of Kastoria the animal was moved away.The Eurasian otter is a small animal that lives on the banks of rivers and lakes and only where the water is very clean. It is considered one of the rarest and most endangered mammals in the continent. It is an important health indicator of mountain water so it is strictly protected by all the countries of the European Union. ARCTUROS and ‘Kastoria’s Society for the Protection of Environment’ make a plea to everyone driving near the lakeside to be extremely careful and keep with the speed limit, especially during the night.   νεκρή βίδρα